CHABAD OF WEST ORANGE has served the diverse Jewish community of our region for over 20 years. Chabad is world-renowned for shaping the landscape wherever they are into a blossoming garden, where Judaism and its precious ideals flourish.

Spearheading a fantastic array of activities and programs, Chabad of West Orange brings joy, knowledge, inspiration and pride into the hearts and souls of all who participate.

Chabad of West Orange has successfully created an authentic Jewish community united in the common goal of disseminating the light, goodness and kindness of Yiddishkeit (aspects of Judaism).

Founded by Rabbi Boruch and Devorah Klar, the community began as a beginner's service at Congregation AABJ&D and later moved to the basement of Lubavitch Center Judaica. At that time Rabbi Mendy and Altie Kasowitz were hired to help grow the Shul and the community outreach programs, events and classes.

In September 2005, Chabad moved to 395 Pleasant Valley Way. The Shul was outfitted with warm colors, bright sconces, gorgeous furnishings and beautiful hand-made stained glass windows. While membership continued to increase the size of the room did not. Thank G-d we have outgrown our current space and we have begun the exciting process of securing 401 Pleasant Valley Way and turning it into a Chabad Center that can properly accommodate our rapidly expanding community.


You have just imagined Chabad of West Orange

Imagine a place where every person feels at home.

Imagine a place where children play, learn and develop their identities; where young adults and seniors share their wisdom; where parents transmit the joys and beauty of our heritage to the next generation.

Imagine a place where learning and laughter, sacred and secular, spiritual and physical, come together in an inviting atmosphere of warmth and belonging.